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Why SanskarVargs are Important
Time and again, we go back to the same proverbs to the point it becomes cliché; like, “Change is the only Constant” least to say, it becomes boring and predictable! Nobody is to blame because it is all so true! At the same time, what are we doing to embrace the “New Normal” into our lives? That’s a point worth thinking about and Bal SanskarVarg is one such small step towards this process.
The human world has experienced cataclysmic change post 19th century and with this radical change, came the demand for life and outlook change. The number of inventions and path breaking researches on all fields has multiplied by scores in comparison to the earlier times. While these inventions are a great boon to the human civilization, helping in upgrading the living standards, mass abuse of technology has led to unimaginable loss.
The basic shift from the value system of cohabitation (VasudhaivaKutumbakam) to mere consumerism hasimpacted theuniversal eco-system like never before! This outlook can, at best, be called a personal greed, in a self forgiving tone. But, the actions and the consequences thereof is unforgiving and has already started to bear fruits – right from mass genocide to climate change to oceanic dismantling to depression! Due to this split view approach towards Nature, scores of species get eliminated each year.
With the world now served on one’s palm (read mobile phones), a lot depends on one’s discretion to navigate and use technology to one’s advantage. Technological advancement is at its best in centuries making Survival rate so much better than our ancestors ever had. But, this also spells trouble!
Once survival is assured, rest of the otherwise lesser important paradigms (from survival POV) suddenly assumes a nucleus status, which starts impacting our thoughts, our priorities and our behavior. Humans then, start to gravitate more towards metaphysical requirements of life – this extension of dimension (read consciousness) is what separates human species from the rest of the animal kingdom. Gear shifts from mere survival to deciphering, understanding, realizing and self-actualizing.
While this may seem quite mundane, this “shift” shapes the course of a Nation’s future and the civilization. With infant mortality no longer a threat and life expectancy better than ever before, Time seems less of a constraint. It is therefore of paramount importance that we ensure energy is channelized in the right direction so that it can contribute to the Overall progress. This is especially true of our young adults – buzzing with energy, and confusion! Allowing their unbridled energies to find expression through creativity is like opening avenues for them to scale unimaginable heights. Its not like we have any other option too! If not assisted, the stubborn, determinate surging current of energies will find its own course – could be good, and well, could be otherwise too! In any circumstance, they will be left to fend for themselves – at a state when they themselves are utterly confused with the basic elements of life – with their own bodies to start with!
This is where Bal Sanskar Kendra (Varg) comes into “play”- by ensuring that children play on the ground, have physical exercise, challenge their physical endurance, grit, and mental stability while adhering to basic principles of discipline andobedience. Children notwithstanding their personal inclination or challenges, participate in team sports, that encourages team spirit and collaboration rather than competition. Via these games, they are also introduced to the concept of Losing as much as Winning – which allows them to introspect Defeat or Loss as an integral phase and Universal Truth which should be cherished to learn lessons which otherwise were inaccessible. That, Failure is a window of new knowledge and that it should be pursued and not be lamented upon. This small paradigm shift could change one’s outlook towards life – filling one with positive attitude and self belief. Imagine an individual beaming with self-confidence – humble, grounded, positive, helpful, respectful, courteous with strong core value system are the qualities that immediately come to mind!
Unfortunately, while these are the only qualities that shape the actual life of a human being, very little to no attention is paid to these in the school curriculum. Children are trained to cram and repeat, focus on marks – with parents going hysterical over their child’s scores, the neighbors sneaking under various pretexts to know the marks scored by the child ; very less attention is paid to the actual growth of the child. Reasons why we see steep increase in cases of young children suffering from depression, anxiety and in very extreme cases, lack of empathy! What kind of next generation are we really creating then? A Generation which is denied from the “Answer NO”, a generation always squeezed between one class to the other – chess, swimming, singing, painting, skating, hockey, football, Zumba, yoga – all this apart from his/her regular school classes and tuitions. The child’s life is literally spent hopping from one class to another, where one only shifts gears. In matter of no time, the child goes on auto-pilot mode to simply be there – the mind very well could be wandering somewhere else – in clinical terms these are early symptoms of passive engagements. But, what option is the child really left with? None and the adults are to be blamed for this.
Children have forgotten to play under the sun, play with mud and get dirty leading to lack of immunity. On the other hand, online games make it difficult to get the child move an inch from the couch. Studies have proven that online games like PubGee are abound with Violence where players shoot one another. Interestingly they have stipulated number of lives too. Whats alarming is, while as a kid and as a beginner, the virtual killing might be interesting, with time, this child, as s/he grows into young adult, s/he would now want more ; something in reality – since adrenaline addiction is the name of the game! With plummeting empathy, emotional intelligence, are we prepared to handle such crippled young adults?
While many might treat Technology as the bane of all modern day problems, this very technology has also made the most unimaginable things possible. It is literally the best time to connect, communicate and express and the world has literally summed up on one’s palm providing one a platform for one’s talent. The key is to harness technology for the overall good and betterment. Unfortunately, 70% of web content is adult (read porn) reaching out to young audience under the guise of “Educational content”. What amount of parental restriction, supervision is going to safeguard these young, impressionable minds from the influence of these corrupt content? Here comes another tool – self censorship. Where there is self censorship, one can be rest assured of one’s security of body, mind and soul – one’s overall health. But, for this tool to come in handy, one has to have the differentiating ability between “Right” and “Wrong” intact. SanskarVargs, via Baudhik session (Intellect session) which could be through games, songs, short stories or even abhinaygeet keep inculcating these value systems in the child. Whenever faced with a dilemma, the child can simply correlate and put things in the right perspective!
In this 1 hour SanskarVargshakha, Yoga and sharirikabhyaas forms core modules. The shukshmyogs, breathing exercises, Surya Namaskaretcare proved to have brought radical changes in the child’s physicality, confidence, mentality, thought process bringing about an overall change.
Every living beings develop their characteristics based on the environment that s/he is put in. Considering the ever-increasing cacophony we live in, it is a foolhardy to expect a child to grow up differently. The solution is not running away from it, rather acknowledge it, accept it and draw boundaries around it. Physical violence is nothing but, breaching these boundaries at the emotional, mental level. In due time, it manifests into physical violence. It is also indicative of a weak constitution – at both physical and mental levels.
Bal SanskarVargs and its formatsare devised in such a way that it addresses the underlying issues of a child’s growing up age – thereby turning them into enriching experiences rather than truancy and hardships. Listening to the child, his/her thoughts, views with great attention during charchasatras grant these children a sense of being heard, being respected. Slowly, the child learns to reciprocate in the same mannerisms as a responsible member of the group.
Lastly, but not the least, unconditional love for one’s motherland forms the core of SanskarVarg. The message “Nation before me” forms the foundation of these young citizens full of promise and vigor. The day our children our raised as young and responsible citizens in the ideals of Shivaji, LachitBorphukan and Rani Lakshmi Bai that is the day, we can really dream of “VasudhaivaKutumbakam” in letter and spirit. Bal SanskarVargs are a small but decisive step in this direction – preparing its future Responsible Citizens. A lot remains to be done and the Future is full of prospects and promises! Jai Bharat. VandeMataram!

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