China Backs Pakistan but partially

Jnk a integral part of India and recently India tied their knot more strongly with the state. But unfortunately half of the area is with Pakistani that is POK and half of the Ladhakh region lies with the China ie Askai Chin. The illegal capturing of the Askai Chin by China was a blunder mistake of Indian government.

After Independence, our Tibetian border was secured by ITBP. So being a higher terrain at Askai Chin and having a war with Pakistan, our forces are busy with that affair and the ladhakh higher reaches were left unsurvilenced by India. Gradually China entered Indian territory and when Indian forces and government came to know about the same, Mr Nehru hadn’t approached neither militarily nor diplomatically with China.
Neither Indian government approached UN for this illegal capturing of our territory. Mr Nehru was focusing on friendly relations with the China. Yet 1962 Indo China war kept that friendship in vain and after Indian defeat in 1962,China occupied more territory at the Ladakh region. So still the area is under dispute.

So after reorganisation of JnK and making Ladakh UT obviously China statement and opposition is expected. As they still say that some territory at Ladakh belongs to China.

Quoting China’s statement
China expressed its opposition to India’s move to create a separate Union Territory of Ladakh
The Indian government on Monday revoked Article 370 which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir
On July 26, China said India and Pakistan should peacefully settle the Kashmir issue and other disputes through dialogue

But the statement also says that what India done is still OK but further no such more steps will be accepted. As we can refer such statement as a warning to India yet India also replied on the same quoting that ladakh is an integral part of India and policies will be made accordingly in addition the Askai Chin disputed territory will be sorted out diplomatically.

On 370 article removal China asked both Pakistan and India to talk calmly and in a peaceful manner. No harsh remarks were given by China adding that this is region’s internal issue.. This reveals that China is backing Pakistan but on a very lighter note. INDIA while doing such move has taken all the big countries into confidence and no large country is opposing India for doing so. Neither they are supporting Pakistan. Only Turkey is the country which is supporting Pakistan.

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