Success is not a destination, success is a journey

Whenever there is a vision, there is always a road map to follow the vision. Without a proper roadmap, no one can reach at the destination. The path to reach at the destination must be a proper direction.
It is not easy to set a goal; it is not so easy to make a vision. Because sometimes it is understood as “Success is a vision” but we should ask our self that what the meaning of Success for us is.
Definition of Success will decide the direction of efforts.
Career is not the definition of success. Career is just the definition of our choices or opportunity. The definition of success is the talk to our self, if we know what we are, we can realize the real meaning of Success.

The strength and weakness of a person depend upon his own ability as well as his own orientation.T here are four types of people in our own, Guardian, friend, protector and Examiner. We need to go through from these entire personality’s.A guardian is always there to guard our own failure and weakness. It guards us from the complaints and dangers. It invokes whenever we want to take some decisions. This guardian manipulates and narrates what we need to do. This does not allow us to take risks. Danger alarm is always rung by guardian.
A friend is there to cheer us, to correct us and to motivate us, this side of our own is a direction of being a happy and satisfied person. This company is the most relaxed one.

A protector is there to protect us and it is our “Victim” shadow, we always feel helpless here. It does not allow “Examiner “to tell us the truth.
We need to observe all of them from a point of view of a Judge, which person will be good for us.
And then take the decision.
Be soul mate of our own. Be free and independent. There is no hurry. Choose your path.Be honest with our own.
Above all of these, there is one more important thing is, be kind with self, forgive the mistakes, do not feel guilty. But introspection is a must.
Always there must be a question, why? And do not manipulate the answers.T his way is for our own evolution.We want to evolve our self.
There are always some emotional struggle, some financial struggle and some social struggle. Nobody in this world is free from struggle and nobody in this world can conquer every struggle.
Maybe in some battlegrounds, we perform brilliantly and in some of the battle grounds.

Victory is not possible every time.
But victory depends upon our ability to choose a perfect battleground for us.
Realize the strength, accept the weakness, and work on weakness slowly with a proper process.
Every day we chant
असतो मा सद्गमय,तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय
From false to the truth
From darkness to Light

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