My Vision For my Country

Many people have great dreams and expectations for this country. I don’t. I don’t see this country’s situation as something that can get better. Every day, people are treated unfairly. Every day, pollution and traffic are getting worse. I realize that people are coming up with plans for a better future, visions for a better future, technology for a better future. But that’s all it is. I don’t see any plan in action, any vision coming true, any technology being used for its best purpose.

I’m not even able to see my own vision.
I spent a long time on this essay, unable to come up with anything to write. It took me a long time to realize why. I see so many people every day, all with different visions and ideas they want to use to make this country a better place. Let me take a paragraph or so to discuss all the issues a citizen living here faces…

Pollution, abuse of children and women, misuse of power, traffic, overpopulation, littering, huge cities with horrible air and a lack of nature, disbelief in the government, black money, poverty, lack of maintenance, and who knows how many more.

I see some problems that can’t be avoided, some that are far too developed to be stopped. But there are some that can. What I don’t understand is why they aren’t. People depend on and argue with the government so much, they’ve pretty much forgotten that they are individuals and citizens who are responsible for this country just as much as anyone else. Not all problems can be fixed by using power; don’t underestimate the power of a common man.

After writing all of this, I’ve started to find a vision. It’s one that’s not too complicated. I want the people of this country to stop thinking theory and start doing practicals. Not every problem in life can be fixed by sitting in a swivel chair and planning. People need to realize that power is not held by just one ruling body; they have it themselves. The final thing I want to think about regarding this country’s development is this:

  • How many people live in this country?
  • How many can work for the betterment of it?
  • How many do we need to fulfill our visions?

I’ve had enough of people talking, planning, thinking, elaborating, discussing, and doing so many other things that will be forgotten in the long run. The citizens of this country aren’t supposed to take what’s given to them by their motherland and throw it right back as though this country’s love for them means nothing. They have to love it back.I want people to take a stand.

That’s my vision.

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  • Complete negative thinking just because was brought up in a well advanced developed country which has less than one fourth of India ‘s population cannot criticise our country going to be the largest population country in the whole world now world bank says India will be ahead of usa china by 2030

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