Passion is Life:Give Yourself A chance

How would you refer to word Passion as? Well passion for me refers to the inner strength,the strong will of an individual,its the real “You”.

Every individual since childhood when starts understanding things,gets attracted towards a particular aspect according to his/her nature,could be liking for a game,singing or dancing.Eventually we get deeply indulged in this activity that we can not live without it . It becomes part of us and this gives birth to our passion.We start making our goals aligned with our passion and in turn that creates our life ,that is “I”.

A life we want to live.

Just to share i loved dancing since childhood but gave up due to other priorities in later life.But trust me one fine day i felt i should give a chance to my passion once again,just ignited my liking and here i am now,today a certified dance teacher and a choreographer,this is what i would say my liking for dance turned into passion and has helped me far apart to stand still in this stressful and busy life.

Hence would like to tell you that adverse situations and other priorities will always pull us down and will try to cut off from our passion but we should never ever compromise,passion is the real happiness of .Compromise with passion always eats the inner strength and it hurts the “Self Respect” very badly.No matter how small we feel our compromises are towards our passion,it leads to a major change in our self ,our soul and our lives.
Following our passion gives us immense satisfaction and peace.Once we compromise on it ,we start feeling lost,might ever sometimes in trap of depression.
Hence would say, compromising on passion is killing our self.
I conclude with the following words:
A-Antidote to
S-Stress and Sorrow
I -In

Nidhi Maheshwari

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