Projects of Sankalp

Sankalp Institute is founded on 25th October 2007,in Thane. The eleven years journey f Sankalp in field of education ,the coaching and training was an experience of happiness, enthusiasm and achievements. Success of Sankalp is the Success of Students. Followings are the project in which Sankalp Institute contribute more

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School Level coaching

  • All subjects from class 5th to 12th
  • CBSE, ICSE,STAE, ICSE, International board
  • Languages Coaching

Trained and experienced teachers, dedicated team to conduct the tests and exams, Counseling and motivation session, Parents and Students counseling, Different workshops,


Sankalp institute is always concerned about the society and its social responsibility, We are always there to serve the society by various means. We are responsible citizens of India,

  • Arogya Nidhi: We conduct health check up camps and medical camps in slum areas.

Sanskar Kendra

  • Sankalp Sanskar Kendra : Sanskar Kendra for kids of Slum areas.we arrange sports activities,Geeta chanting and spiritual chanting too.
  • Thiruvalluvar Kendra: Thiruvalluvar is a great saint of South, we teach the “Kuruls” to little kids in memory of Dr. Kalam.


  • Sankalp Book Club: Book club for kids to read god books so that they can be motivated.
  • Sankalp Publication: We design specific study material for kids, we have Vedic Mathematics, Sanskrit and Literature books published by us .

Sankalp has a vision to establish knowledge centres, Research academy and learning centers with the dream to provide these facilities to each and every person of society.

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