Sanskar Kendra in Singapore

Sanskar Kendra: Bal Sanskar Kendra in Singapore
Write up by : Juhi Vaishnav

Sanskaar Kendras are a must in today’s era. In nuclear families children dont get this privilige- getting to know our Heritage from Dadi’s stories , or learning Puja with Dadaji, celebrating Dashahara with cousins etc. Working parents don’t have time for giving Sanskaras to kids and there is sad probability that next generation will be alienated with its own culture and history unless we all join hands to create such centres in every street…..

My inspiration is my childhood memories of studying in a Vidya Bharati school- Vidya Niketan. A school centred around ideals of Sanatan Sanskriti. Every Day putting Tilak, Long Prayer sessions which included Ved Mantras, Pranayam, celebrating on every Saturday Jayantis of Great Men from Bharat’s History etc established a deep rooted respect and awe for Bharat’s rich heritage in all the kids’ hearts.
At Seeds of Vedic Heritage Singapore, we have divided classes into two age groups, Baal Gopalas- 3 to 5 yrs and Nand kishoras 6 yrs and beyond.
We teach Shlokas, Mantras, Puja paddhati, and tell stories from our Pouranic lore.
We also celebrate major Hindu festivals and tell children the rituals, importance and story behind them
We frequently organize competitions like quiz and bhajan based on Sanatan dharma.
The approach towards both age groups is different, For younger age group, we have to keep it more interesting as their attention span is very little, so we include showing lot of pictures during storytelling sessions, song, dramatic narration etc.
The older age group gets the benefits of learning the true Gems of Sanatan wisdom, like meditation, detailed stories and Puja paddhati etc.

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