The best MD of the Year: Mrs Vandana Vazirani

The Womanhood: The leadership
An MD , Chittodgarh urban co op bank ltd, Mrs Vandana Vazirani ,mother of two kids and a social worker is rewarded with the award of Best MD of the year in Goa summit of National Cooperative bank Summit.
The 600 representatives from all over the country were present there in Goa , Holi Day hotel.
A woman who has started her carrier as clerk, cashier, officer, administrative officer and now working as an MD, achieved this award for her best management and administrative abilities.
The story is very inspiring as according to Mrs. Vandana Vazrani there is always a disciplined way to achieve such type of success. Discipline matters a lot, her family values are behind this great achievement.She is very much inspired by her mother Smt Jyoti Hasija ,a homemaker.Her mother is always there to motivate her.Mrs Vandana tells that her father Late shri Prahalad Chand Hasija encouraged her a lot.
She follows the footsteps of Ex Mayor of Udaipur Smt Rajni Dangi. Mrs Vandana tells that Smt Rajni Dangi is always there to guide her and support her. Her moral support encouraged her.
A woman can achieve whatever she wants if there is a family support. The determination is also important. Her husband Mr Mohan Vazirani , who is an engineer in power plant is very supportive and carries a positive attitude towards life. His attitude is a big strength of Mrs Vazirani.
Career is not an issue regarding motherhood or family value system, family values are the supreme values and these values are there who always encourage us to go ahead. The balance between the duties towards children towards family and the professional life is must. Mrs Vandana Vazrani has two kids, one is in class 5th and one is in class first only. She takes care of them very well.
It is not about the family and profession, she is a social worker too. She is associated with Rashtra Sevika Samiti . She has been working as a social worker since her childhood. Her interest was always there to serve the society.
So simple, so genuine and so hard working as well as the smiling face, this is the recognition of Mrs Vandana Vazrani.
Stress handling capacity as well as management of multiple tasks; it is because of her life style where Yog and Vegetarian food matters a lot. The physical and mental exercise through Yog , she believes in self improvement .
Her academic background shows her interest towards the books and studies. Her degrees are L.L.M.MBA, B.Sc.MA and PGDCA. The regular pattern of academic achievements shows her keen interest in studies. The motivation behind this is the eagerness to update self. Knowledge and wisdom are very important.
Asmakam Bharatam family Congratulate Mrs Vandana Vazirani for her great achievement ,she is a true inspiration for all women.
Whatever we take from the society we should always try to give it back. It is the belief of Mrs Vazrani. We are not here just to take, there is always some responsibility towards the society and we should try to fulfill it. Mrs Vandana told us that Indian women must follow the ideals like Jijamata, Devi Ahilya and Laxmibai ,queen of Jhansi. She explains that womanhood is misunderstood in many terms but an Indian woman is not so week.The Indian oman has the capacity to lead in any field.
Mrs Vazrani appreciates the “Digitalization of banks”, according to her perspective it is not only speedy and corruption free but it is also eco friendly. Her concern for environment and natural resources is very deep.

Asmakam Bharatam family Congratulate Mrs Vandana Vazirani for her great achievement ,she is a true inspiration for all women.

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