Woman :You are The Universe

Women Empowerment: A Concept That Is Inherently Flawed!
“…You are the Universe!
But they will only give you a little space!
Break free! It’s a trap!
They want to cage you!
Because they are afraid of your real power!
You are a woman.
You are the fire!
You are all-conquering.
You are all-powerful!
You are Supreme!
You were not born to be a mere beauty queen!!”
Strange and unusual it may sound but if you would mull deeply, you will discover that the entire foundation of Women Empowerment is nothing but flawed. There has never been a need for some uber-trendy and an ear-appealing term called ‘Women Empowerment’. It has always existed but yes, its essence has remained in recognizing that women have been equally empowered as men are by none other than women themselves. Since, time immemorial, those who had realization could make their presence felt amidst the men sovereignty. Simply turn the pages of the history and one can find numerous examples to validate the aforementioned statement.
The key to Women Empowerment lies within a candid realization that something created by the universe cannot be less powerful than men. There goes a saying that you attract what you are. Therefore, a woman who considers herself to be inferior of man, by default end up in attracting an abusive spouse and continue to blame her fate for that. On the contrary, a woman of substance and confidence ends up in attracting a respectful spouse. Especially, talking about developing countries like in India, it is extremely normal to come across incidents where women are compelled to lower their standards to accept whatever comes to their way. It is just because staying single till they find what they deserve is an option non-available to them out of social pressure. Unfortunately, the majority of the women especially belonging to rural areas believe that they are leading a life full of freedom being unaware that the true meaning of freedom lies in leading a life with dignity. Even at times, it seems that there is a clan of women who feel privileged to be beaten by their spouses.

Undeniably, in developed countries, women have achieved equality in varied aspects encircling career, education, health, entrepreneurship aspect and many more. Despite that, there remains a long way to go about gender equity in terms of economic opportunity. Today women, worldwide are leaving no stone unturned in carving a niche for themselves in all walks of life. Be it as pilots, innovators, scientists, politicians, engineers, astronauts, architects, athletes, artists, managers, designers, chefs, writers, researchers, singers, teachers, or even home-makers. What has made these women achievers different and successful is their inherent realization that claiming their power and self-worth is in their hand. They do not have to beg for it from anyone. Discovering innate strength is merely a matter of immense determination that ultimately leads you to the path that exclusively belongs to you and only you. Ironically, the majority of the women tend to believe that to bring their story to the world, they need to be perfect or unique which is utterly saddening. The truth is that every story is unique in itself due to uniqueness lying in the set of struggles.
There are a lot of young brilliant girl children especially in rural parts of the world that are forced to bury their dreams due to the lack of awareness about education and ideal support system. However, at the same time, it is true that once they realize that they are already empowered to take suitable steps to make their dreams come true, there is no stopping. They need to change their mindset and will soon change their entire world. Also, countless talented homemakers end up in missing out their inner spark as they are too occupied trying to help their spouse and children shine out remarkably. They need to realize that stepping out of the comfort zone is for their betterment and no one else. After all, one also has a responsibility to look after one’s dreams that are no less precious than children.
While talking about the women empowerment, the role of supportive groups cannot be ignored. Especially parents must ensure providing full-fledged support to their daughters’ while assuring them that they can come home post seeking divorce or post experiencing abusive behaviour in marital relations. In the context of education also, parents need to get rid of regressive mentality regarding girl child education. Though the combined efforts of government and courageous spirit of girl children have begun bearing fruits, it is merely a beginning and lot is yet to be achieved. Also, the role of society at large cannot be ignored either. The day when society would begin assuring their full-fledged support to the young career-oriented women by stop assassinating their character due to returning home late post-work or wearing modern clothes, a lot will begin to change automatically.
As per the findings of the National Crime Records Bureau, every year, more than 90,000 cases of cruelty and violence by husbands and also in-laws have been reported by Indian women. It is easier to figure out that the actual numbers are bound to be even higher as most of the cases go unreported. Blame it to the lack of relevant education and support from family or absence of employability skills; women cannot help but succumb to domestic violence. It is cent-per cent true that when more women work, economies are bound to grow. Therefore, it is time for the worldwide women to appreciate and accommodate this fact that it is time to feel empowered in all contexts encircling emotional, mental and financial empowerment.
There is no dearth of women who continue to battle with their inner resentment owing to a fact that they can feel that they are empowered yet at the same time they perceive themselves to be helpless. They need to remember, that embarking on a transformative journey is a different process and resorting to a rebellious attitude is all together a different ball game. A woman should not wait for change to take place on its own, but she must make it happen out of her efforts.
To sum up, women empowerment is believed to be inherently a flawed concept but at the same time, the truth cannot be challenged where it is required, women empowerment has to be instilled. Many organizations are devoted to the cause of women empowerment. They are committed to build an empowered platform meant to generate financial literacy, educate women about investing in income-generated activities, building self-esteem, enhancing access to resources and information and many more. Therefore, if a woman comes across a realization about her empowerment but is clueless about extracting the best out of it, she may seek support from such organizations to write a new destiny for herself.
“You are the shining light
which hides the darkness behind
You are the radiance
which transforms everyone’s mind.”

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